“TownTrip” is the popular every day, 24hrs, 7days a week, town-trip taxi car service, catered exclusively for professional, and working and business women, and their families.

“TownTrip” will provide end-to-end, private taxi service to women who value their time; and need not want to look for a ride or lift from a neighbour; but, to take their time, to be transported in a roomy car, all by themselves and a child or two, according to their daily schedules – connecting them from home-to-school; to office; to their business sites; to the salon or gym; to shopping; to the doctor’s office; or to fulfil their regular daily or weekly or monthly social events, like going to “Taka”, “Ngainteh” or “Dae-itch” (i.e., funerals), etc., without having to depend on someone’s timing.

TownTrip is a 4-door “pre-booked” taxi service; it can also be requested real time, “now-now”, “laygee-laygee”…”sange-sange”…”joni-joni” – should you’re in need of a quick pick-up/ drop off service.

The service can be pre-booked via smart phone (LinksRide App), or via LinksRide website: www.linksride.com