Who is a LinksRide Partner?

A LinksRide Partner is one of the following:
  • A person with a qualified vehicle and driver;
  • A person with a qualified vehicle, but without a validated driver;
  • A Links hired and paid driver;
  • Independent riders with scooters.

Partner & Vehicle Recruitment

LinksRide management is looking for at least 50 to 100 CARS (4-door Sedans), that are in excellent mechanical and physical condition, and, are not more than 10 years old!!!.

How to Register/Sign-up to become a Driver-Partner:

  1. Download the Links Partner (i.e., Driver) App from the Google Play Store, or Apps Store.
  2. Have your National ID, TIN number, and a Valid Driver’s Licence (If you’ll be driving)
  3. Walk into any VISTA Bank and open-up a LinksRide ”Linked” Account
  4. LinksRide will deposit a sign-up bonus amount of D1000 in each Partner’s “In-App Driver Wallet”, linked to his/her VISTA Bank account.
  5. The D1000 bonus is withdrawable only after 5 rides are operated by the vehicle owned by the Partner.
  6. After opening the VISTA Bank “Linked” Account, Partners are required to visit LinksRide offices, to complete their paper work, i.e., sign Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Driver & Vehicle Requirements


A qualified driver must have the following:

  • 1.Be at least 21 years of age
  • 2.Must have a character certificate from the Police
  • 3.Must have a Valid Driver’s Licence
  • 4.Must have a TIN Certificate
  • 5.Must own a smart phone; and must be able to operate it without help from someone


  • All Sedan Vehicles must not be more than 10 years old
  • All Vehicles must be in excellent mechanical and physical condition, with front-end headlights and  rear-end lighting system in order
  • All Vehicles must carry valid comprehensive insurance policy.
  • All Vehicles must have good interior furniture, and exterior body structure
  • All Vehicles must have one (1) colour paint coating
  • All Vehicles must have four-doors; or a hatch vehicle with a 5th (rear) door.
  • All Vehicles are submitted to quarterly roadworthiness inspection check