Ride for a relaxing personal experience

LinksRide is a mobility as a service (MaaS) technology and digital marketplace company –connecting drivers with riders for a personal mobility experience.The platform allows you our valuable customers, to leave the driving to our professional, courteous, and caring drivers, while you un-wind, relax, and concentrate, on more pressing issues of work, school, shopping , or attending social events, such as fulfilling a day’s, or evening’s appointment at the doctor’s office, ”Ngainteh” or “Taka” ceremony, salon, gym, or funeral.” Relax, pre-book your pick-up, and drop-off locations, and let us take you through the city with “TownTrip” taxi service, to fulfil your daily personal or social event.
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Safe Guarantee

We proud ourselves in providing you a safe ride experience every time you step into our rides. Our drivers are gents and ladies…who are very courteous and friendly. As added security measures, you have the SOS button at your disposal on your App, to call our emergency number(s) 24 x7. You are further provided with Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) – Messaging window - to share Url link with any six (6) family members, or buddies, to track you live, while on trip from pick-up to drop-off!

Fast Pick-Ups & Drop-Offs

We are committed to quick pick-ups and drop-offs of our customer-riders. Hence our robust origin-destination dynamic routing and minimum path algorithm, to help us calculate the most optimum routing, for pick-ups and drop-offs, of riders on every trip.

Quick Rides

You’re in a hurry, “Book Now” your ride on the Customer App, and within 5 to 10mins your ride will be there. On the App or website, you can “Book-a-Ride” for a daily, weekly or monthly ride requests.

Home Pickups/ Drop-Offs

No more waiting for a taxi outside under the hot sun! Our smart taxi will now come to your home for a pickup. And hey, don’t rush, you have five (5) minutes freeeee waiting time, but just remember, the App will charge you D5.00/min., after 5mins of waiting!

Friends Or Buddy Pickups/ Drop-Offs

Yes, we know, you have family, friends and buddies. On your way to work, or uni (…versity), you can make ONE STOP to pick-up/drop-off, your buddy. And hey, don’t rush, you have five (5) minutes freeeee waiting time, after which, you’ll be charged D5.00/min.


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Coming Soon

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  • Base Fare GMD 200.00
  • Distance Rate D 5/KM
  • Time Rate D 0.00/Mins
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(+220) 905 0143 | (+220) 303 8328 |
(+220) 708 8111

The operator will call back immediately
and report the cost of travel
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Easy Searching

Easy searching for drop-off and pickup locations using Google Plus Codes (+); or dragging the red flag post to your preferred drop-off location

Quick Pickups

If you want to be assured of a safer and reliable pick-up and drop-off, pre-book your ride on the app, or website, and you’ll be picked up as requested.


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Left your personal item in the car… no worries… is in safe hands! Call Help Desk, or call the driver.

We are Ready to Take Your Call 24 Hours, 7 Days!

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